Could Art Change the World?

JR is a Parisian street artist and photographer winner of the 2010 TED AWARD. The Technology Entertainment and Design awards is a global set of conferences based on the motto “ideas worth spreading”. Each winner is granted $100,000 to help them realize a chosen wish to CHANGE THE WORLD. JR’s wish was to change the world through art. Throughout his conference he showed how through photographies and wheat paste people could come together. So could or can art change the world? That is a huge question, but I do believe this is true. Technology, Politics, Business do change the world, not always in a positive way but hey. Art is capable of doing so many things, for example taking children out of the streets and bringing them something else to the table for them, an option. Every book, every entry of a  cultural blog, every painting, photography, song, every poem.. makes us  a feel something.. happiness maybe, which is all life is about. JR pasted several amounts of pictures through the world, including Kenya, Paris and even the Brazilian favela, in order to give it, quite literally, a more human face. He says its a chance for everyone to share who they are and what they stand for, because we all have stories. Art can bring the world together, the picture of the israeli and the palestinian ladies is an example, it symbolises that people are more similar than not. I’ll just leave you with the thought and you’ll decide for yourselves. I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project and together we’ll turn the world inside out.

If you want to joy this movement enter


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